Troopergate: Meet The Investigators. Also: Pigs And Lipstick

By now, those thirty lawyers and other political hacks who have descended on Juneau and Wasilla, Alaska are beginning to regret ever having taken on the job of trying to dig up dirt on Governor Sarah Palin. As a result of their research, certain partisan details of TrooperGate are coming to light and it does not bode well for the Democrats or Barack Obama.

Image Hosted by

Notice the above picture. The balding man standing fifth from the left is the lead TrooperGate investigator, Democrat State Senator Hollis French. Clearly, since this man is a supporter of Brack Obama, his objectivity in the matter must be brought under question. Further, the motives behind his announcement that he would have a conclusion in late October (i.e. “October surprise” time) must also be brought under scrutiny.

Now, a request was made that he be taken off of the investigation since his objectivity seems to be severely compromised. Alaska State Representative John Coghill made this request. The request was turned down by Democrat State Senator Kim Elton who said that he was sure partisan politics can be kept out of the probe. If you want to know who Kim Elton is, he is the man standing at the far left of the picture.

Given the venue in which this picture was taken, anyone care to make bets as to what their final report is going to say?

I think that when historians look back at the 2008 election, they will wonder about the reason why the losing candidate lost. In Barack Obama’s case, that will be easy to explain.

Ultimately, will have been Obama’s response to the Palin effect. It got the Democrats so unhinged that they began making up these ridiculously crazy stories about her and spreading them around the Internet. Now, Barack Obama, to his credit, came out and said that a candidate’s family is off-limits, but his surrogates in the media didn’t get that memo. Every time a new smear was released against Sarah Palin, the McCain/Palin ticket picked up more voters. Barack Obama’s big mistake here was his failure to condemn such smears. Had he done so, he might have kept a few more voters on his side, but his silence on the matter made it look like he was giving his tacit approval.

Now, a week later, after Sarah Palin made her famous remark: “They say the difference between a hockey mom and a pit-bull? Lipstick.” Barack Obama made a gaffe that magnified his failure to condemn the news outlets that were attacking the GOP Vice Presidential nominee. He said: “If you put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig.”

He may not have meant it as a shot at Sarah Palin, but the crowd he was addressing sure thought so. And so did millions of women who, when they heard what Obama said, became very angry and began marching into the McCain camp in even larger numbers.

If Barack Obama loses this campaign (and as things stand right now, that is the most likely possibility), I believe that these two acts, one of omission and one of commission, will be regarded as the two main reasons why he lost.


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