Pelosi Offers To Cut Oil Drilling Deal With GOP, But What Will She Really Gain?

The members of the House GOP have already rejected this proposal but it would be a good idea to look into it to see exactly what motivated House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to try this.

From an article by Josiah Ryan at CNS:

Pelosi said she has a “comprehensive plan” for energy, which includes releasing oil from the 700 million barrel federal Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR), creating a federal Renewable Electricity Standard that would require oil companies to pay billions of dollars to invest in clean energy resources – and allowing limited offshore drilling.

First off, those “billions of dollars” are going to come from what we consumers will be paying at the gas pump. In other words, Speaker Pelosi’s proposal will result in even higher gas prices.

Second, that part about “invest in clean energy resourses.” Would that happen to include the CLNE Wind Farms that Speaker Pelosi owns so much stock in?

The main reason that the GOP is rejecting this proposal is because it did not come through a committee to the House floor. Instead, it is a back-room, closed-door deal that has some very sinister undertones for Speaker Pelosi. If this particular bill went through, Pelosi would stand to makes hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit from her investments in CLNE.

GOP Prepared To Cut Oil Drilling Deal With Pelosi
Josiah Ryan
August 18, 2008


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