Domestic Terrorists Target American Scientists And Republicans Call The Blue Dog Bluff

It is an unfortunate fact of life that there will always be a vocal minority seeking to impose its will on the majority. It is also an unfortunate fact of life that said vocal minority will invariably engaged in illegal and immoral activities in order to impose their will on the majority.

Such is happening today in America where terrorists who hide behind the nomenclature of “animal rights activists” are terrorizing medical researchers and their families.

Debra Saunders has more from TownHall:

They perfected the art of intimidation in the United Kingdom. First, extremists vandalized research labs. Then, they targeted companies that did business with researchers. In 2004, activists finally went too far when they dug up the remains of the mother-in-law of a guinea-pig breeder.

Now animal rights extremists are targeting University of California researchers. First, they placed bombs that did not go off. When that didn’t shut down labs, they ratcheted up the violence. Wanted posters warned UC Santa Cruz researchers: “Animal abusers everywhere beware; we know where you live; we know where you work; we will never back down until you end your abuse.”

Early Saturday morning, a firebomb destroyed a car belonging to a UCSC scientist. Shortly afterward, a firebomb erupted in the nearby townhouse of assistant biology professor David Feldheim. As smoke and flames filled the first floor, Feldheim, his wife, their 7-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter were forced to use a drop ladder to escape from a second-floor bedroom.

And the animal rights activists claim to be on the side of the good? Read what their spokesman has to say about the acts of terrorism being committed:

Jerry Vlasak, who, as a spokesman for the Animal Liberation Press Office, serves as an apologist for animal rights zealots, issued this statement: “This is historically what happens whenever revolutionaries begin to take the oppression and suffering of their fellow beings seriously, whether human or nonhuman. It’s regrettable that certain scientists are willing to put their families at risk by choosing to do wasteful animal experiments in this day and age.”

I don’t know what is more infuriating. Mr. Vlasak’s irritating spin on the story or that he actually believes us to be stupid enough to accept what he is saying. Scientists are not putting their families at risk, the animal rights terrorists are illegally and immorally putting the families at risk by committing crimes that endanger the lives of innocent children!


UCSC professor Marty Chemers already had called a rally for 5 p.m. Monday to express outrage at these attacks. “These are people who want to do violence and they cloak themselves in this kind of moral stance,” Chemers [said].

They are indeed terrorists and should be rounded up as such and sent to Gitmo to live with their Islamic brethren.

You can access the complete column on-line here:

The War On Scientists In America
Debra J. Saunders
August 5, 2008

Republicans are still in the House of Representatives to protest the fact that Congress never dealt with the Energy Crisis before skipping town while Democrats are on a five week vacation. The message is clear and the American people are starting to see the Dems for what they really are.

Even Nancy Pelosi is starting to get it since she has privately been telling certain Dems whose seats are now at risk to support domestic drilling to help in the upcoming elections. House Minority Leader John Boehner is calling the bluff.

From Amanda Carpenter at TownHall:

After a contentious weekend with the GOP over energy, Politico reported Monday that Pelosi had indicated to some Democrats that they should position themselves as pro-drilling if it would help them win upcoming election races.

Boehner told those Democrats to “put it in writing.”

“If you aren’t willing to put it in writing, you’re fooling no one,” Boehner said. “You’re siding with the Speaker of the Drill-Nothing Congress and radical special interests that favor higher gas prices at the expense of energy-strapped American families.”

How many Dems, if any, are willing to put that writing?

You can access the complete article on-line here:

Boehner Calls Blue Dog Bluff
Amanda Carpenter
August 5, 2008


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