Congress Fiddles While The Economy Burns

Got this in my email from Read it. It’s good:

Dear FairTax supporters,

Our cause continues to gather steam in hometown America—while, with smoke in the air, Congress fiddles.

Could it be more obvious that we will have to save the nation from our own elected officials and candidates?

Retirement investments, savings and college education accounts are evaporating as the stock market falls—while at the same time leading economists predict that trillions of dollars can and will flow into the United States economy after enactment of the FairTax.

Candidate Obama signals a desire to raise the amount of money the government takes from the growth of savings and investments while the country has the lowest savings rate since the Great Depression.

With gasoline, food prices and inflation rapidly escalating and housing values falling, former Senator and John McCain economic adviser, Phil Gramm, says we’re all just a nation of “whiners” and the economy is really just fine.

Candidate McCain has changed his earlier Iowa tune and now tells audiences that the FairTax is not the answer.

Congress and the White House borrow $165 billion from other nations to finance taxpayer rebate checks to stimulate the American economy and ignore the wasted $265 billion annual cost of citizens and businesses preparing income tax returns.

Meanwhile, the powerful Chairman of the House Committee on Ways & Means, Charles Rangel, practices politics as usual and solicits big business for big contributions to his Charles Rangel Center in New York City—and with a wink and a nod Washington adds more loopholes and tax gimmicks for favored interests.

The United Nations concluded this week that three-quarters of the reason for higher food prices can be traced back to turning agriculture to bio-fuel production—here in the U.S. it is another recent ham-handed tax break by the meddling Ways & Means Committee.

While leaders ignore the crisis, citizens work for a FairTax solution

While “leaders” turn a deaf ear to our destructive tax system or offer medicine that will worsen the economic downturn, hometown America is quietly and steadily moving us toward the FairTax.

Hundreds of people recently turned out for a FairTax seminar in Georgia designed to equip average citizens with the means to spread the word to fellow Americans and wake up elected officials.

The Postal Workers Union is considering embracing the FairTax at its national convention.

In Oklahoma, all but one member of the Congressional delegation have co-sponsored FairTax legislation because of the determined and relentless work of local advocates.

A documentary team from Georgia is traveling the nation recording the determined but under-financed FairTax movement.

XM Satellite Radio just featured on “Open Road,” Channel 171, heard across the country and a favorite of long-haul truckers. Host Dave Nemo enthusiastically added the FairTax web link to his home page. Other radio hosts from Michigan, Virginia, California, Florida, Arizona, Colorado and elsewhere and the always popular Neal Boortz and Herman Cain continue to support the issue with their audiences.

Candidates for Congress in West Virginia, Florida, Georgia, Colorado, Arizona and elsewhere have embraced the FairTax.

At kitchen tables across the country FairTaxers are finding their own ways to push the movement–from YouTube and MySpace videos to letters to the editor to friendly conversations with neighbors.

Keep the faith—and keep the FairTax movement growing!

It’s our nation and we’ll have to save it from the original bad idea of an income tax that just keeps getting worse at the hands of tax lobbyists and the corrupted Congressional tax writing process.

Now is the time for all citizens to band together and make the case for the FairTax. Tell your newspaper editor, tell your elected officials and tell your friends, neighbors and colleagues. Our country, our children and our future depend on this common sense solution—and it could not be more needed than right now.

For every FairTaxer who writes a letter to Congress, goes to a Town Hall meeting, talks with a candidate, writes to the local newspaper, wears the FairTax cap or proudly displays the FairTax window sticker—thank you!

For those who feel that someone else will get it done—wake up and smell the coffee because this lifeboat needs your oar.

Our progress is slow but steady. Recruit one more FairTaxer and move us forward one more step at a time. Together we can make it come true.


Ken Hoagland
Communications Director


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