McCain Discusses Bill For Illegal Immigrants

Although Sen. McCain is still pushing for “comprehensive” reform, here is a little something about his current stance on border security. This comes from the speech event he recently attended with La Raza:

McCain continued to field questions even after La Raza organizers tried to wrap up the session. After organizers took the audience microphone, McCain tossed his own wireless microphone to Enrique Morones, a controversial leader of the Border Angels group.

Morones, whose group provides water and other help for those who have crossed the border illegally, challenged McCain to end the “militarization of the border.”

McCain responded without hesitation that drugs flowing across the border were a serious problem and that there was little room for negotiation when it came to border security.

“The United States of America has to have secure borders, but we can address the issue in a humane fashion,” he said.

Still not perfect but light years ahead of Sen. Obama and the other Dems on this issue.

You can access the complete article on-line here:

McCain Discusses Bill For Illegal Immigrants
Martin Wisckol
Orange County Register
July 14, 2008


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