Paul Begala’s Disrespectful Attack: Calls Republicans "Dirtbags"

Imagine, if you will, what would the reaction be if, say, Karl Rove, had called Democrats “dirtbags.” You certainly wouldn’t be getting the silence from the Dems and Old Media that we are getting in this case.

Paul Begala recently sent out an email begging his fellow Dems for money. I happen to be on that email list so I know that this story is true because I recieved the email. Here is what Begala wrote about a recent GOP fundraiser:

You should have seen the joint: wall to wall fat-cats. The limos were lined up around the block. If you’d stood in the middle of the ballroom and yelled, ‘Hey dirtbag!’ a thousand necks would have snapped around.

No substance. No information. Just a widly emotional mass insult.

It shows clearly what level of respect the libs and Dems have for a) people with opposing viewpoints and b) debating the issues in an informed and civilized manner.

Paul Begala is simply a typical Dem doing what a typical Dem does.

You can access the complete story on-line here:

Begala Calls Republican Donors ‘Dirtbags’
Jackie Kucinich
June 30, 2008


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