How Ethanol Helps Al Gore Get Rich Off Of Starving People

I remember back only a few years ago when the left-wing liberals were all about helping those in need, especially those who did not have enough to eat. Well, the tables have turned these days. Today, the libs are causing starvation, not aiding those who are afflicted by it.

How did this happen? One word: ethanol. Ethanol has been driving up food prices here at home and around the world. Additionally, it has also driven up the price of gasoline and in a year or two, we will see ethanol drive up the cost of maintaining an automobile. But let’s look at the food angle right now.

Jerry Bowyer gives some excellent insights about how food prices are going up and people like Al Gore are getting rich off of seeing other people starve. From

Foods seem to be rising in price in direct proportion to their proximity to ethanol subsidies. Feed grain is up an amazing 41% in the past year. Fruit and nuts are down 3% over the same period. Why? Because we turn corn into ethanol, but we don’t do the same with walnuts or bananas.

And of course, their are certain politicians who, in order to cover their own rear-ends, come up with some interesting spin as to why this is happening. Actually, “spin” is not the correct word. Upon viewing the data and evidence, “lies” would be a more appropriate word:

They say that very little of the jump in food prices comes from ethanol, that it’s mostly energy prices, or a weak dollar, or general inflation. … Why would general inflation cause corn to a rate of doubling every two years, and yet leave meat, fruit, nut and some vegetable prices dropping? How could high energy prices do that? Don’t vegetable farmers use tractors? Don’t sugar farmers fuel their tractors with the same diesel? Don’t the trucks and trains which deliver almonds run on the same kinds of fuel as the ones which deliver grains?

Does anyone really believe that energy prices could affect one agricultural commodity while at the same time having no effect at all on other agricultural commodities in the same exact market? I don’t. I suspect that the politicians making these arguments don’t believe it either. They are merely trying to deflect attention away from the true culprit here: ethanol subsidies.

Read on:

It’s not a general inflation problem; it’s a problem of political corruption. America’s first presidential primary happens to be in Iowa. That gives ethanol first dibs at the pork barrel. Add Republican farm voters to Democratic environmentalists, shake vigorously and you get a brew called ethanol. The farmers get rich on taxpayer subsidies, the venture capitalists who focus on alternative fuels (I’m looking in your direction, Mr. Gore) get fat on profits.

We need to end this ethanol hoax now, before people here in the U.S. begin to starve as a result.

Jerry’s parting shot:

Foreigners are not starving because the dollar lost value. In fact, the drop in the dollar helps them. … The problem isn’t the dollar – the problem is that we’re burning food. We’re taking carbohydrates which would have gone into someone’s stomach, chemically altering them and putting them into our gas tanks instead. One SUV fill-up is roughly the same amount of calories as it takes to sustain a man, woman or a child – for a year. I believe that future generations will look back in history at the hungry of this world, and the preening self-satisfaction of the ethanol lobby and call it what it is, a crime against humanity.

You can access the complete column on-line here:

How Al Gore Is Getting Fat Off Of A Starving World
Jerry Bowyer
May 31, 2008


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