Morsal Obeidi, 16, Stabbed By Her Brother, Ahmed, 23, In Hamburg, Germany Honor Killing

How many more deaths of innocent young girls will it take before Old Media and the public in general learn the truth about the Islamic religion? How much more violence will the unprotected have to endure before we come to the conclusion that a religion that is based on hating those who believe otherwise cannot be truly called a religion?

From Front Page Magazine:

Morsal Obeidi, barely 16, arrived in Hamburg from the war-torn country of Afghanistan when she was three, probably barely remembering her country of origin in her new homeland. The German Muslim student, who had won a prize in her multicultural school for tolerance and peaceful co-existence with others, was stabbed 20 times by her 23-year old brother, Ahmed, who ambushed her at a commuter train station.

The reason for Morsal’s murder is a common one for female Muslim victims of honor killings who emigrate to the West with their families and grow up between two cultures: she was living too western a lifestyle.

“She had a different life than the family wished,” admitted Ahmed, who assaulted his sister so severely that he wounded himself and had to be treated in hospital.

Notice what is missing from this story? Other Muslims speaking out against such an evil atrocity. Where are the moderate Muslims who claim to be so tolerant and peaceful? Why are they being silent about this and other “honor” killings being perpetrated in the name of Islam?


[Morsal] was tired of living by the rules of the family’s Afghan-Muslim culture that see the daughters confined at home and made to do housework when not at school while the sons have all the freedom they want.

Such girls from South Asian and Muslim communities are also monitored very carefully after reaching puberty, as the male members of the family are very concerned that they remain virgins until marriage, since this involves their “honor.” One German Muslim woman wrote that the physical attributes she developed upon turning 13 filled her Turkish father with “deep worry.” This male obsession with virginity is manifested in the expression, common in these traditional cultures, that “…a man’s honor lies between a woman’s legs.”

Ahmed was most likely one of those male family members concerned about his sister’s chastity. It was reported he watched Morsal very closely and, when he was not available, he had cousins, uncles and aunts do it for him.

Morsal’s rebellion against such strict control included such normal, western behaviour for teenaged girls as wearing “uncovered hair, makeup and jeans” as well as smoking, drinking and staying out late, all of which brought her into conflict with her family. But all in all, it was reported the young schoolgirl simply wanted the same freedoms her German classmates had.

Like in many families where honor murders occur, violence was already extensive in Morsal’s. Before her death, the teenager had suffered numerous assaults at the hands of her father, Ahmed and a 13-year-old brother, who had once knocked her tooth out. An older sister is also suspected of mistreating her.

This is yet another result of Europe not fully integrating Muslims into the Western culture.

Count on more of this happening as time goes on. Human beings should be treated with dignity and respect, even if they are members of your family who believe differently than you do.

It’s too bad that Muslims can’t come out of the 7th century and learn that lesson of modernity.

You can access the complete article on-line here:

Honor Killing Horror In Hamburg
Stephen Brown via CrossAction News
May 30, 2008


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  1. I think people misunderstand Islam, and mix up culture with religion, there is no one Surat or haddith that says we should kill girls, this is cultural belief that has no religious base to this what so every.

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