Congressional Democrats Come Out Against Free Speech, Especially For Good News Coming Out Of Iraq

Think the Dems are good for free speech? Think again! The party of the left is so heavily vested in our defeat in Iraq that they are now embracing legislation that will silence anyone who comes back from Iraq with good news about us winning and the terrorists losing!

This is no joke. Check out this item from Investor’s Business Daily:

House Democrats have passed a bill to stifle the good news that we’re winning in Iraq. They are so invested in losing that they apparently fear a popular backlash against them from victory.

Democrats have decided this election year that American voters can’t handle the fact that victory in Iraq is at hand.

In its passage last week of the defense policy bill, the House issued a prohibition against the Pentagon’s “concerted effort to propagandize” the American public regarding the Iraq War.

It came in the form of an amendment authored by Rep. Paul Hodes, D-N.H., which also would authorize an investigation of the Defense Department’s “propaganda” efforts by the Government Accountability Office.

Hodes’ addition to the bill passed by voice vote and the overall bill passed the House by a large margin. The Senate will wait until after the holiday recess to consider it.

It’s not as if the Pentagon brass, as they wage a global war on terrorism, don’t have better things to do than sit down and answer foolish questions about public relations operations from a bunch of GAO bean-counters.

Besides, haven’t congressional Democrats insisted all these years that it wasn’t the military they had a problem with regarding the Iraq War? Haven’t they been saying how much they support those in uniform, that our military leaders really agreed with Democrats that Iraq was unwinnable, and that it was only the civilians who run war policy in the Bush administration they were attacking?

Where was this Congressional concern for “propagandizing” the war when the New York Times exposed one of the most powerful tools we had against the terrorists, the SWIFT program? That was clearly a propaganda effort by a leftist leaning publication, but Hodes had no problem with it.

This bill would effectively mean that the GAO can control all information coming out of Iraq which under a Dem controlled Congress means that the Dems would only allow the bad news out while censoring the good news. That way, the Dems can lie to the American people about how the war is really going.

Anyone else living in fear of a leftist controlled Congress?

You can access the complete column on-line here:

Safe From Truth
Investor’s Business Daily
May 23, 2008

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