CBS Found Obama Rule: ‘Whatever Michelle Says Is The Message’

So, exactly how out of touch is Barack Obama? Well, his grasp of reality is so tenuous that he doesn’t even remember the statements he made to his own headquarters staff.

Tim Graham over at NewsBusters has this:

In all the fuss over Barack Obama going on ABC and telling his opponents to “lay off my wife,” some might have assumed that Obama was implying that Michelle Obama wasn’t a major player in the Obama campaign. Read the transcript again, and you’ll notice he never says that. (Michelle, however, felt compelled in that interview to deny Robert Novak’s buzz that she axed Hillary from the ticket.)

All this reminded me of an April 24 CBS Evening News story where Katie Couric spent some gummy-grinned giggle time inside the Obama campaign HQ. As she surveyed the press shop, a camera found this sheet of paper with a Barack declaration of policy: “Whatever Michelle Says Is The Message.”

Think this is all made up? Here’s the sign that CBS videotaped:

And here is what Katie Couric said during her tour of Obama HQ:

Then there’s the press operation, answering questions from reporters, trying to tamp down any controversy, in constant contact with the road while trying to make sure the message of the day survives.

So, exactly why are we supposed to lay off his wife?

CBS Found Obama Rule: ‘Whatever Michelle Says Is The Message’
Tim Graham
May 21, 2008


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