Nothing Is Certain But Death And The FairTax by Dr. Mike Adams

The movement is growing! Despite what naysayers and negativists are parroting in their misguided criticisms about the FairTax, this is becoming a bigger and bigger issue and soon, Congress and the American people are going to have to seriously study and consider it.

Read what Dr. Mike Adams has to say in his latest column from

The idea comes to me from a former student who was waiting on me the other night at the bar of a seafood restaurant in Wilmington. I had a beer in one hand and my copy of FairTax: The Truth in the other when an Obama supporter asked the following: “Why do you support the FairTax? We just need to change the tax code to punish corporations that are sending our jobs over to China.”

Armed with FairTax: The Truth, I responded with the following: “I’m from Texas as is Representative Bill Archer. He testified in front of Congress about the results of an interesting study of 500 companies in Japan. When asked what they would do if the U.S. abolished its present tax system and went with a consumption tax, 80% said they would build their next plant in America. The remaining 20% said they would relocate to America altogether. Now that’s change you can believe in!”

Yes, it is. But I still find it amazing that there are educated people out there who still believe that a more punishing tax code will bring jobs back to the U.S. You might as well believe that more anti-semitic laws would have brought more Jews back to Nazi Germeny.

And how does it compare to the proposed Flat Tax? Dr. Adams looked at that too in another conversation:

Supporter of the Flat Tax of Yesterday (SOFTY): Sorry, I support the flat tax.
Adams: How often do you change your underwear?
SOFTY: What?
Adams: I assume you change your underwear every day?
SOFTY: Yes, what the hell does that have to do with it?
Adams: That means you’ve changed underwear 8036 times in the last 22 years.
Adams: And the I.R.S. has changed the tax code 16,000 times in the last 22 years. They change the tax code twice as often as you change underwear. How long do you think a flat tax would remain flat?
SOFTY: (Silence)
Adams: Would you like to borrow my book?

While the Flat Tax is far superior to what we have now, I don’t believe it goes far enough in addressing the issues that our income tax system has produced.

What does the FairTax do? It replaces the entire Federal Tax Code with one simple, easy to understand and completely visible national sales tax on new goods and services. No more income tax, no more hidden taxes, no more death tax, no more any tax on personal wealth or income.

The FairTax:

  • Enables workers to keep their entire paycheck
  • Enables retirees to keep their entire pension
  • Refunds in advance the tax on purchases of basic necessities
  • Allows American products to compete fairly
  • Brings transparency and accountability to tax policy
  • Ensures Social Security and Medicare funding
  • Closes all loopholes and brings fairness to taxation
  • Abolishes the IRS

Additionally, the FairTax is the only Tax Reform plan that addresses the three following end-goals:

1) The plan must remove from the IRS any power to intrude on the private lives of American citizens.
2) The plan must remove from the K Street lobbyists any power to influence Congressional votes.
3) The plan must not allow hidden taxes to be passed along to the consumer at any time.

You can access Dr. Adams’ complete column online here:

Nothing Is Certain But Death And The FairTax
Dr. Mike Adams
May 12, 2008


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  1. THANK YOU for this intriguing post on the fair tax. It is something I’ll have to learn more about.

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