Barack Obama Sacks Adviser Over Talks With Hamas

If this little “incident” doesn’t make you stop and think about the consequences of an Obama Presidency, then you should do the rest of the country a favor and not even show up to vote in November.

Here’s the timeline of some very current events:

1. The terrorist group Hamas endorses Barack Obama for President. (This is no hoax. It really happened.)
2. Senator McCain noted that a major terrorist group endorsed Barack Obama and said that the voting public should be able to “make judgments accordingly.”
3. Senator Obama accuses Senator McCain of “losing his bearings.”
4. Senator Obama fires his Middle East Policy advisor for being in talks with Hamas.

Obama claims that he did not know that one of his advisors was speaking with a vicious terrorist group and yet, he feels it’s okay to make the ridiculous claim that John McCain is somehow lost? If this obvious double-standard weren’t the reality of the 2008 Democrat Presidential Campaign, it would probably sound like the plot to a really bad “B” movie.

Disregarding the John McCain angle for the moment, what does this say about the Democrat front-runner who had absolutely no idea that one of his advisors was in communication with known terrorists? Advisers are the people who will have the President’s ear in the Oval Office. Shouldn’t the President be aware of who is advising him and why?

If anyone has “lost his bearings,” it is Barack Obama.

From the Times of London:

One of Barack Obama’s Middle East policy advisers disclosed yesterday that he had held meetings with the militant Palestinian group Hamas – prompting the likely Democratic nominee to sever all links with him.

Robert Malley told The Times that he had been in regular contact with Hamas, which controls Gaza and is listed by the US State Department as a terrorist organisation.

Mr Obama, who has been trying to assuage suspicion towards him among the influential Jewish and pro-Israel lobby, spoke at a Washington reception marking the 60th anniversary of Israeli independence on Thursday when he promised that his commitment to the country’s security would be “unshakeable.” However, Mr McCain has high-lighted the Democrat’s pledge to negotiate directly with nations such as Iran – whose leaders talk of wiping Israel off the map – and a statement from Hamas saying that it hoped that Mr Obama would win the presidency.

This was denounced as an offensive smear by Mr Obama.

So, stating facts is an “offensive smear?” I wonder what the Democrats call it when they tell lies about John McCain’s POW experience or tell lies about the fire aboard the USS Forrestal?

You can access the complete article on-line here:

Barack Obama Sacks Adviser Over Talks With Hamas
Tom Baldwin
Times of London
May 10, 2008

BTW, have you noticed that this story is not being picked up and played over and over by American Media outlets? If Obama had been a Republican candidate, this would have been front-page news for the next three months.

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