Obama Is Still Truthfully Challenged

Let’s see. He claims that after attending the same church for 20 years that he had no idea that his pastor was a race-baiting hate-monger. Now, he goes on TV and tells even more lies despite the fact that his lies can be checked.

B. Hussein Obama has a problem. His problem is that he cannot tell the truth.

From Jake Tapper at ABC News:

When my family back in Pennsylvania turns on the TV these days, they may see this Barack Obama TV ad where he’s standing in a gas station saying the following:

“Since the gas lines of the ’70s, Democrats and Republicans have talked about energy independence, but nothing’s changed — except now Exxon’s making $40 billion a year, and we’re paying $3.50 for gas. I’m Barack Obama. I don’t take money from oil companies or Washington lobbyists, and I won’t let them block change anymore. They’ll pay a penalty on windfall profits. We’ll invest in alternative energy, create jobs and free ourselves from foreign oil. I approve this message because it’s time that Washington worked for you. Not them.”

But, as Jake notes, checks can be made on these claims:

Factcheck.org today takes a look at Obama’s claim to not take money from oil companies and concludes that the statement “misleading” since according to the non-partisan Center for Responsive Politics Obama has taken more than $213,000 from individuals (and their spouses) who work for companies in the oil and gas industry — not to mention that two of Obama’s top fundraisers are top executives at oil companies”

Apparently, B. Hussein Obama did feel it necessary to reveal these little facts that show his attempt at hiding the truth.

One other thing I noted in B. Hussein’s statement. “They’ll pay a penalty on windfall profits.” Now, we all know that the leftist Old Media will never ask a hardball question about that part of the ad. But we need someone on the National to scene ask B. Hussein exactly how he thinks making the oil companies pay more in taxes is going to lower the price of gas for us real-world working folks who need to put gas in our cars in order to get to our jobs.

You can access the complete article on-line here:

Obama’s Oil Slick
Jake Tapper
ABC News
April 1, 2008

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