Senate Approves Federal Budget That Would End Bush Tax Cuts

So, this is what we get for bringing in a Democrat controlled Congress back in 2006. The Dems are trying to destroy the economic progress that we, as a nation, have made since the 2001 tax cuts went into effect. If they think we are in a recession now, the tax increases the Dems want to enact would send us spiraling into a full blown depression.

But another interesting aspect of the bill was an amendment that would put a moratorium on earmark spending. All three current Presidential candidates voted for it, but a vast majority of Senators (including the two from here in Virginia) voted against it:

John McCain, the GOP nominee-to-be, couldn’t attract even a majority of Senate Republicans to vote with him Thursday night behind the earmark moratorium touted by party conservatives as a way to restore the GOP’s credibility with voters.

Interesting. Now Senator McCain seems to be too Conservative for his Party. What’s up with that?

But this is even more telling about what will be in store for us if the Dems win the White House this year:

The underlying House and Senate Democratic federal budget plans for 2009, though nonbinding, drew blasts from Republicans for allowing some or all of Bush’s tax cuts to die in about three years.

The Senate passed a companion plan by a 51-44 vote. It endorsed extending $340 billion of Bush’s tax cuts but balked at continuing all of them.

“This may be the last bastion in America where they don’t get it,” he told reporters after Thursday night’s vote. “Americans are sick and tired of the way we do business in Washington. As president, I promise the American people … the first earmarked, pork-barrel bill that comes across my desk, I’ll veto it.”

Included in those 51 votes was the vote of Senator Jim Webb (D-VA) who during his campaign in 2006 aired a television commercial in which he unambiguously said that he would never vote to raise taxes. Unfortunately, even though we know how big of a liar he is, we have to endure his betrayals for the next four years.

Here is Senator McCain’s take on taxes:

However, on taxes, the Arizona Republican voted to extend the full roster of Bush’s tax cuts, which he opposed seven years ago as being tilted in favor of the wealthy.

If I understand correctly, one of the big complaints against Senator McCain is that he is against the Bush Tax Cuts. So, if he was still truly against cutting taxes, wouldn’t he have voted the opposite way on this bill?

Democratic rivals Clinton of New York and Obama of Illinois both voted to extend only some of Bush’s tax cuts while allowing cuts in income tax rates and investments expire. They joined other Democrats in a 52-47 vote against extending $376 billion of them.

This is what we got because the “angry Conservatives” stayed home on Election Day 2006. Will they also stay home in 2008? I certainly hope not.

You can access the complete article on-line here:

Senate Approves Federal Budget That Would End Bush Tax Cuts
Associated Press via
March 14, 2008

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  1. Electing a Democrat to sit in the White House will bankrupt this country.

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