Ann Coulter’s Conservative Sell-Out

We all know that Ann Coulter has written and spoken some pretty controversial things over the years. Most of them we enjoyed, some not so enjoyable. Dr. Mike Adams is one of the first conservative columnists to call Ann Coulter out due to recent events.

There are several reasons for this. Her suggestion that we invade Muslim countries and force their leaders to convert to Christianity as well as her use of the terms “rag head” and “faggot” at CPACs have had the effect of bringing more negative attention to the Conservative Movement. But her support for Sen. Clinton’s Presidential bid is the straw that broke the camel’s back for Dr. Adams.

From his most recent column:

It should go without saying that Roe v. Wade will never be over-turned if those three things happen. Even a one-term Clinton presidency will give her at least two picks for the USSC. And we can all expect picks with the ideology of a Laurence Tribe (or maybe an Alan Dershowitz) coming from President Rodham Clinton.

On the other hand, a President McCain may well pick judges who think like Chief Justice John Roberts. And that would provide at least some hope that Roe could be over-turned.

When it appeared that Rudy Giuliani was the front runner for the Republican nomination Ann said she could never support him for president because he is pro-choice. But Giuliani is a pro-choice Republican who opposes partial-birth abortion. Clinton is a pro-choice Democrat who supports partial-birth abortion. Why does the same litmus test not apply?

I’ve wondered the same thing. Ann’s biggest criticism of Sen. John McCain is that he crossed to the other side of the aisle and worked with our opponents. Isn’t she doing exactly the same thing here? And if we are to hold Sen. McCain accountable for such, shouldn’t we hold Ann Coulter equally accountable?

You can access the complete column on-line here:

Ann Coulter’s Conservative Sell-Out
Mike S. Adams
March 7, 2008


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