Why The American Economy Needs John McCain

In a comparison of the final three candidates for President, one can see a huge difference. Barack Obama has proposed $281 billion in new spending, Hillary Clinton $250 billion and John McCain just $7 billion. You see, John McCain knows what would have to be done to raise $250 to $281 billion and what effect it would have on our economy. Obama and Clinton seem to think that money can simply be produced out of thin air. Those two couldn’t be more wrong with their ideas that amount ot nothing more than wasteful socialist spending.

Yomin Postelnik is a Floridian who is writing for the Canada Free Press. Here is what he has to say about John McCain’s fiscal policies:

The Director of the Congressional Budget Office is equally open about the fact that no member of Congress will do anything about this matter until people realize the necessity to act. Few politicians want to embrace unpopular positions like huge rollbacks and caps on spending. That’s the difference between them and leaders. Leaders work for five, ten, twenty years to alert the public to important realities and awaken their hearts and minds to problems and propose solutions that have little support before the public realizes their need. When it comes to the all important issue of wasteful spending, an issue that can mean the difference between continued growth and expansion or economic collapse, John McCain is such a leader.

Remarkably, his battles against pork and pork’s favorite barbeque chefs on both sides of the congressional aisle, haven’t tarnished his ability to work with members of congress. Though a lesser man would have alienated himself from members of both sides with his steadfast campaign against their habits, John McCain’s sincere devotion to this cause, his steadfastness and his reasoned approach to all other issues have earned him a level of respect and cooperation from members of both parties than most senators can ever hope to achieve. The fight against spending is simply another battle the scars of which John McCain wears well.

I can’t remember how many Conservative pundits have called for spending to be brought under control over the past few years. Well, now we have a candidate who is pledging to do just that.

The national debt is out of hand and we cannot continue to borrow money forever. We are closer than almost anyone realizes to losing our current credit rating and to having our debt turn to junk bond status. The United States has maintained a triple A bond score since 1917, but this year Moody’s attached an asterisk to the rating, a note of caution. The Congressional Budget Office worries about a real decline in rating. This is all thanks to the reckless spending of both parties. There’s one candidate who’s willing to do something about it. His name is John McCain and he’s been fighting ruinous pork barrel spending for over 25 years.

This is one of the reasons I suggest that entrepreneurs and all who care for the nation’s economy support John McCain for President. He understands the need to invest in education, defense and technology and brings concrete solutions to the table as opposed to empty platitudes. But most of all, his career-long battle against reckless spending shows him for the man of integrity, sound judgment and leadership that he is.

You can access the complete article on-line here:

Why America Would Be Headed For Disaster Without John McCain
Yomin Postelnik
Canada Free Press
March 2, 2008


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