Dealing With Illegals In Virginia

Illegal immigration may not be that big an issue within the GOP anymore. Look at the impending nomination of John McCain. If conventional wisdom held true, Senator McCain would not be the party’s presumptive nominee. Apparently, all those Republicans who claim that illegal immigration was tops on their priority lists either didn’t bother to campaign or to vote in the primaries, or if they did, a hefty share of them voted for John McCain.

Here in Virginia, we have been trying to hit the illegal alien problem head-on and the nation is beginning to take notice. So much so that Cal Thomas made it the central theme of his latest essay.

Check it out:

Virginia’s Republican Attorney General, Robert McDonnell, is beginning the deportation process with a class of people not even the most vehemently pro-immigrant activist should defend. They are sex offenders and McDonnell, working in cooperation with the Virginia State Police and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials, has identified 171 people who have been convicted of sex crimes. Some are illegal aliens, others have legal status, but their convictions violate the conditional terms of their residency and make them subject to deportation.

That’s a good start and it should be repeated in every state in the Union. If we can’t deport them all at once (I actually think a mass deportation can be done) let’s get rid of the most vile of them first.

Cal goes on:

Asked whether the targeting of illegal alien sex offenders is the first step toward going after other criminal aliens, McDonnell said, “We’re planning to do all of them. My position is that criminal illegal aliens or criminal aliens have forfeited their right to be in the country. There is broad agreement, regardless of which side people are on in the illegal immigration debate, that the criminal alien should be detained and deported.”

One northern Virginia jurisdiction with a high illegal alien population is the city of Manassas. In response to intense citizen complaints, the Manassas City Council has authorized local police to begin checking the immigration status of people they arrest for any crime. If they find the suspects are in the country illegally, they are now authorized to begin deportation proceedings. On March 3, neighboring Prince William County will begin implementing a similar program to crackdown on illegals. These two jurisdictions are in sync with what McDonnell is now doing statewide.

Immigrant rights leader Ricardo Juarez of Mexicans Without Borders (a name that tells you something about his goal) is quoted in The Washington Examiner newspaper as saying, “This policy will only make the situation worse and will drive people out.” Precisely. That is the intent of the program; to drive criminal illegal aliens out, preferably back to where they came from and especially if they have twice violated our laws.

How unbelievable is it that Ricardo Juarez would come to the defence of criminals, including sex offenders and pedophiles? Is the entire pro-amnesty/open-boarders movement also on the pro-criminal bandwagon? If not, they better start writing press releases stating so.


Not all of the Virginia sex offenders fit the demographic stereotype. Yes, most are from Mexico, or Central and South American countries, but quite a few are from other nations, including Ethiopia, India, Iran, Thailand, even Scotland. So this is not about ethnicity. It is about breaking the law.

The issue of illegal immigration and most especially that of criminal aliens should be a major issue in the presidential campaign. It is bad enough when immigration activists countenance the breaking of our laws and defend people who do it; it is something else when they attempt to defend sex offenders and others who have broken other laws while here.

Not just in the Presidential campaign, but also in local Congressional elections. If Jim Gilmore hasn’t already jumped on this issue in support of the City of Manassas then he should do so immediately and begin contrasting himself with Mark Warner. It would go a long way to making sure Virginia doesn’t put another tax-and-spend, pro-amnesty, give-benefits-to-illegals liberal in the Senate.

You can access the complete article on-line here:

Hit The Road Jack
Cal Thomas
February 28, 2008

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