Why No Vote Is No Option

It’s still out there. The McCain Derangement Syndrome. And I don’t mean from leftist Dems. The MDS is coming from the right, mostly from Conservatives who failed to rally behind more right-leaning candidates or were conspicuously absent from the polls on Super Tuesday.

But more rational voices are starting to come through. One of those voices is Kevin McCullough whose most recent column looks at the evangelical “leaders” and why their positions on staying home on election day are untenable.

From his column:

Many evangelicals might take their cue from these two disillusioned men [Pat Robertson and James Dobson] and conclude that not voting, sitting this one out, or refusing to lift a finger in the general election is an acceptable response to a primary season that has yielded us the poorest choice for President in my lifetime, with perhaps the exception of the nomination of Bob Dole.

Many might conclude that in seeing two candidates such as McCain and Obama, who have both stood for the outright violation of the Constitution, that the nomination process is flawed and therefore wiping one’s hands clean of it is a decision of conscience that could demonstrate a turning over of this process to God’s judgment.

Wait for it:

But they would be wrong.

And if Robertson or Dobson are encouraging such (and I’m not making the case that they are), then they should be rejected outright.

And for very good reason. I’ve already published several posts showing exactly what we would have to expect from an Obama or a Clinton Presidency. It would not be pretty. In fact, it would be a disaster. High taxes driving the American economy into a new Great Depression is just one secular reason why it would be so. What are the evangelical reasons?

Oh sure there may not be as much to be excited about in this year’s contest, but large issues do loom in the near future. If we as evangelicals remain silent as justices are seated on the Supreme Court, as our nation responds to jihadists who wish to injure. maim, and kill innocent people, or while our school curriculums begin to add homosexuality, bestiality, and every kind of sexual combination imaginable and refer to it as a family to the textbooks of our nation’s school children we must understand that we play a part in allowing these things to happen.

Can some Conservative somewhere explain why an Obama or Clinton Presidency is more palatable than a John McCain Presidency? Can that same Conservative explain how to undo the damage of two or three leftist Justices sitting on the Supreme Court simply by rallying around a Conservative in 2012?

I’d love to read the answers to those questions.

You can access the complete column on-line here:

Why No Vote Is No Option
Kevin McCullough
February 25, 2008

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