Petition For The FairTax

Well, Super Tuesday is here. 22 states will be voting in their primary elections. I am hoping that John McCain will not get the GOP nod.

But we’ll know more about that tonight. For today, we have a petition to sign in favor of the FairTax. From Congressman John Linder’s website:

Message to the House of Representatives:

I am tired of worrying about confusing tax forms and stacks of tattered receipts, and frustrated that our tax code continues to undermine our nation’s values of saving and investment.

I want to be a “Citizen Co-Sponsor” of the FairTax — legislation that will create a national retail sales tax to replace all income taxes, payroll taxes, and estate taxes, and eliminate the need for the Internal Revenue Service entirely. The FairTax would revolutionize our economy. Without the income tax’s stifling impediment to growth, Americans will be able to save more, and businesses will be able to invest more. Individuals will have incentives to engage in capital formation – the real source of job creation and innovation – more than ever before. Businesses will have incentives to direct large amounts of capital back into the United States.

I want you to know that I am enthusiastic about this bill and its prospects for success, and I want all of our Representatives to join us in this fight.

I endorse the FairTax and I want you to help make April 15th just another spring day.

Please help us get rid of the ridiculous, intrusive, convoluted and often contradictory tax code we have and help us shut down the IRS. Visit the following website to sign the petition:

Petition For The FairTax
Copyright 2007

My wife owns a small business here in Northern Virginia and I own the building it operates in. Every January is a new set of headaches in getting our tax records straight just to send them to an accountant!

Think I’m kidding? Just check out the 2008 Publication 15 Circular “E” Employer’s Tax Guide from the IRS and see how difficult it is to follow the damn thing. And that is just for the employees’ wages. Other forms are needed for product sales and services provided by the business. And then there’s property taxes, business taxes and others as well.

The FairTax is the only solution that relieves small businesses of the undue burden placed on them.


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