Hillary’s Plantation Politics By Star Parker

If you ever get the chance, read Uncle Sam’s Plantation by Star Parker. It is an intense and eye-opening book about life in the ghetto and why even after almost forty years of a “War on Poverty” it remains virtually unchanged.

One of the reasons Star points out in the book is that leftist liberals have forced poor black families to become dependent on the nanny state and literally forced those made so dependent to vote for more nanny state policies. Well, Star sees it happening again, especially in the Democratic Presidential Primary.

When asked to distinguish themselves from each other, one of the most stark differences between Obama and Hillary was their position on Health Care. From Star’s most recent column:

Clinton wants federal government mandates to force individuals to buy her plan and Obama rejects individual mandates.

This key departure in health policy hints at a far more fundamental difference in the mindsets of these two candidates.

Clinton’s big-government liberalism is less rooted in liberal ideals than in the interest-group plantation politics that has defined the Democratic Party of recent years.

In 1976, Barbara Jordon made a speech in which she said that “the great danger America faces — that we cease to be one nation and become instead a collection of interest groups.” That seems to be the intention of the Clinton campaign.

Star goes on:

Hillary Clinton is playing with black psyches as well as white ones.

Black consciousness has always been defined by a sense of vulnerability. The painful realities of black American history have always posed a barrier for many blacks to buy into American ideals or the American dream.

The more common political appeals to blacks have played on fears that the country is incorrigibly racist and that their only hope is to salvage a piece of the pie through political power and protection.

Nothing can be more threatening to these politics than a successful, talented black man like Obama running as an American candidate rather than as a black candidate.

But a black off the plantation is the last thing that Sen. Clinton wants. She wants blacks to feel impotent and vulnerable and in need of a political patron to hand them the goodies they need.

Uncle Sam’s Plantation is alive and well and being coaxed along by the Clinton campaign. Need more proof? Look:

At a Democratic Party candidate debate last summer at Howard University, Sen. Clinton was asked about the prevalence of AIDS among young black women. Her response was to first attribute this to racism and then talk about government programs. Can anyone imagine her telling blacks the truth that the solution starts with responsible personal sexual behavior?

I certainly don’t buy into Obama’s liberalism. But I am not surprised one bit that so many see him as a breath of fresh air over Clinton’s hacked plantation politics of fear, dependence and patronage.

You can access the complete column on-line here:

Hillary’s Plantation Politics
Star Parker
February 5, 2008


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