Virginia Democrats Refuse To Enforce Immigration Laws

Hat tip to Black Velvet Bruce Li for this one.

A little snippet from the Washington Post about the current state of legislative priorities in the Virginia Legislature:

Several bills meant to curb illegal immigration have passed the House, including one tentatively passed Friday that would ban illegal immigrants from attending any state public college or university.

Democratic leaders have said they will block that bill and what they consider to be other harsh bills aimed at illegal immigrants. Already, the Democrat-controlled Senate has killed a number of bills that would allow employers to fire workers if they speak a language other than English at work and that would limit illegal immigrants’ access to public colleges.

The only immigration-related bills advanced by a Senate committee “don’t do anything, which is why they got out,” said Senate Majority Leader Richard L. Saslaw (D-Fairfax).

“The rest of them were bills looking for a problem,” Saslaw said. “It was stuff [the Republicans] wanted to put in their campaign literature.”

Just so we all understand this, the Democrats in the Virginia Senate are refusing to crack down on illegal immigrants because Republicans want “to put it in their campaign literature.” What about the people of Virginia? Don’t the Dems want to hear what we have to say, what we have said all along?

It is truly pathetic that the Dems have taken their campaign victories and deluded themselves into believing that the people gave them carte blanche to do whatever they please, even if it means going against the wishes of Virginia. We’ve already seen this at the National level with Senator Jim Webb routinely bowing to the DNC and clearly voting against the will of the people who elected him to office.

You can access the original article on-line here:

Slow Start Creates Big Challenges For Va. Legislature
Sandhya Somashekhar and Anita Kumar
Washington Post
February 4, 2008


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