The Ire Over Illegal Immigration

We all know about it. We all know its happening. We all know what needs to be done. Yet, many politicians still don’t get it. Maybe that’s because those politicians don’t have to deal with it up close and personal like the people of Orange County, California. No, this isn’t like the reality TV series or the drama of O.C. This is the real Orange County.

From the San Jose Mercury News:

At Chapman Avenue and Hewes Street, dozens of day laborers – many of whom are illegal immigrants – have been swarming mothers driving SUVs as they pull in to buy groceries, fed-up locals complain. Women say they are nervous to drop off laundry at the dry cleaners next door and men heading into the Ace Hardware are reluctant to leave their tools in the back of their pickup trucks.

The Field Poll of California voters last week showed McCain and Romney in a statistical dead heat. But more recent polls, taken before the Florida primary, show McCain taking a stronger lead.

For Romney, Phyllis Beilharz might be an ideal voter. The day laborer issue in the Albertsons parking lot has her steaming mad.

“It’s a nuisance. It’s uncomfortable. They stand close to your car. Sometimes you’re scared,” said Beilharz, 70. “I hope they send them all back. The ones who are citizens can stay, the ones who work hard.”

[Orange Mayor Carolyn Cavecche] put a police officer on patrol full time to go to where day laborers gather and hired more code enforcers for the illegal boarding houses that rent space to more than a dozen men at a time.

After the past month of extra enforcement and new regulations, the Albertsons parking lot has mostly cleared out, but dozens still hang out at Friendly Donuts.

“For me, it’s like squeezing Jello. You know, what I did just put them in someone else’s town,” Cavecche said. “I’m going to take care of my city. It’s what I was elected to do.”

Now, she said, if only a new president would do the same.

If only. Maybe if the President had to look at people like this on a daily basis:

He might have a different platform.

You can access the complete article on-line here:

Presidential Election: Among GOP Voters, Ire Over Illegal Immigration
Julia Prodis Sulek
Mercury News
January 30, 2008


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