Benazir Bhutto, Rest In Peace

I was going to post some other articles today, but they paled in comparison to the news from yesterday. David Ignatius, writing for Investor’s Business Daily has the following to say about Benazir Bhutto:

I remember encountering her once when she was a graduate student at Oxford, shaking up the august and occasionally somnolent Oxford Union debating society as its president. She was wearing a Rolling Stones T-shirt, the one with the sassy tongue sticking out, and I recall thinking that Pakistani politics would never be the same once she returned home.

In later years, I would see her during her periodic visits to Washington after she assumed her family’s mantle of political leadership and became prime minister in 1988, at the age of 35. She changed in her outward appearance, wearing a head scarf and traditional clothes as she matured, but not in her inner passion for change.

Bhutto was fearless, from her college years in America to her cruel assassination Thursday. She had an unshakable belief that Pakistan should embrace the modern world with the same confidence and courage that she had.

Although the corruption charges that marred her second term as Prime Minister were legitimate, she was Pakistan’s trail-blazer into the modern political world and thus a symbol for others to follow.

Rest In Pace, Madam Prime Minister.

Bhutto Paid Ultimate Price For Freedom
David Ignatius
Investor’s Business Daily
December 27, 2007

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